sabato 12 novembre 2016

Recensione NERO su BEACHSLOT

Epic in scope and playful in tone, the Great Saunites defy categorization with the fluid “Nero”. The size of each piece works in their favor as they are able to touch upon a wide variety of genres. Over the course of the album their attention to detail works wonders as they incorporate quite a varied approach. By opting for this kind of take they tap into a cinematic scope that nicely helps to inform their overall sound. Soundtrack work, surf rock, ambient, post-rock, even noise come together to create an album whose exquisite rhythms and riffs work together.
For the first few moments on the opener, the Great Saunites lets a percussive ceremony take place. The way the song begins gives it a regal tone, as if its ultimate endpoint remained unclear. Various layers come together to create something that eventually settles into a rather spry groove. Bass work is particularly nimble as the atmospheric flourishes add to the sense of discovery. Eventually this piece comes into full bloom about halfway through the piece before it descends into quiet ambient found sound. Wasting no time at all is the freewheeling spirit of the second piece. They dive right into a chaotic groove as their horns lead the way. For the finale they find a midpoint between the two previous pieces. On this one they remain relatively limber in their approach to the rhythm as the loose jazz-like atmosphere works wonders.
Mysterious, shadowy, and with a true sense of style, the Great Saunites deliver a weird wonderful world with “Nero”.