mercoledì 20 agosto 2014

"Radicalisme Mècanique" recensito su Chain D.L.K.

a cura di Andrea Piran

This new release is a one sided lp that last a little less that twelve minutes and is the result of the collaboration between Attilio Novellino, a sound artist, and Great Saunites a duo, playing bass and drum, working in the field of developing melodic lines out of traditionally rhythmic instruments.
A lowly distorted guitar line and cymbals introduce the listener in the initial part of this track where samples and a drum giving the rhythm of the track create the frame for the other instruments for the development of the track. The almost hypnotic overall mood is vaguely reminiscent of krautrock, his most rock oriented paths at least, and is conducted by the string instruments, guitar and bass, developing their lines slowly until a sax is left almost alone, at a low volume acting as a sidekick, and starts the second half of the track, while the beat continues assuring the cohesiveness of the track. When the guitar enters again, the sax stops, and the last part of the track begins in a crescendo that creates a sonic mass that slowly ends to let the sax ending the track in solitude upon a noisy soundscape.
This release sounds more like a live recordings of a concert rather than a fully conceived release and, for someone, this is one of the best statement available. If only it lasted a little more...

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